Gamble back on his game

NFL cornerbacks must have short memories, and Chris Gamble is proving he has just that. Only four weeks after a disastrous and potentially confidence-depleting performance against the Arizona Cardinals, Gamble appears to be back on top of his game.

Gamble came up with two interceptions of Tampa Bay quarterback Chris Simms twice on Sunday, including one he returned 61 yards for a touchdown to break the game open in the third quarter en route to Carolina's 34-14 win. The Panthers remained in a tie for first place with Atlanta at 6-2.

It was Gamble's first NFL touchdown and his first score since 2002 when he helped Ohio State defeat Penn State 10-7 in a crucial game in Columbus, Ohio, during the Buckeyes run to the national championship.

"It feels good to make some plays back there," said Gamble. "I gave up some big plays earlier this year, but I'm going to try to come back the second half of the season and make plays and have fun."

Gamble, playing on a bad ankle, had a rough game against the Cardinals on Oct. 9, and was benched to start the second half after giving up several big plays to Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin. He sat out the next week against Detroit and then got additional rest with the bye week.

He also struggled in Week 3 against the Miami Dolphins, who successfully attacked Gamble with Chris Chambers.

Gamble said he's now 100 percent healthy.

He said he's benefited from spending more time in the film room. That's how he picked up on the route Bucs wide receiver Michael Clayton ran in the third quarter on Sunday. When Gamble saw Simms look his way, he broke on the ball and jumped the route.

"I knew he was going to run the out," he said. "I knew it was coming. I had watched a lot of film and I anticipated that play was coming."

Said Simms: "He just drove on the ball, it was a really good gamble."

With the two picks, Gamble took over the team lead in interceptions with three.

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