Fox: We still can improve

Maybe he's just trying to keep his defense from becoming overconfident, but Panthers coach John Fox refused to give out too much praise one day after Carolina forced five turnovers in a 30-3 rout of the Jets. Although the Panthers had four interceptions -- one of those going the other way for a touchdown -- and also forced a rare Curtis Martin fumble, Fox seemed concerned that the Jets ran for 137 yards.

In particular, the Panthers struggled to stop the Jets on one second-quarter drive in which Martin ran six times for 30 yards and backup Cedric Houston carried twice for 13 yards, tearing through gaping holes in the middle of the line.

The defense eventually held, forcing a field goal.

"We've still got some areas we can improve at," Fox said. "We're playing a very good run offense this week in Chicago. We had some areas in the run game that we can improve in. But I've been pleased with our progress in our pass defense, both from a rush standpoint and a coverage standpoint. There are always things you've got to clean up and get better at, and they are in there looking at tape now."

When asked if he was going out of his way to point out weaknesses in an effort to keep his team focused, Fox said no.

"They are hard to fool," Fox said. "They turn on the tape and look at it, too. There are good movies and bad movies, and if it's a bad movie, they know it. If it's a good movie, you aren't going to convince them it's bad. The big eye in the sky doesn't lie."

Nonetheless, the Panthers still rank second in the league in run defense, giving up an average of 81 yards per game.

In all, the Panthers had six takeaways against the Jets, the other coming on special teams.

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