Fox apologizes to old friend

Carolina Panthers coach John Fox seemed a little terse during his weekly press conference on Monday, which puzzled the team's regular beat reporters considering his team was coming off a 30-3 win over the New York Jets the day before and had no serious injuries. But it made sense when news broke later in the day when Jets coach Herm Edwards told reporters in New York that Fox felt obligated to call him and apologize for remarks made by cornerback Ken Lucas after Carolina's w

Several players later said Fox spoke to them as a group about certain individuals and the comments they make to the media.

After the game Lucas said the Jets quit after his interception of Brooks Bollinger in the end zone.

"That was very key for this team because they had the momentum in their favor at first and we took it away from them," Lucas said. "They kind of gave up, I felt, after that because they felt like they couldn't score. You saw at the end of the game where you would think they would at least throw to the end zone, but they ran the ball (eight out of nine plays on the final drive while down by 27 points) and ran the clock out. It's good when you can make a team quit on you."

Fox said what Lucas meant to say is the Jets quit throwing the ball, not that they quit trying to win.

Did anyone else read that in those comments?

"Sometimes when you look at print, I think he really was saying that they threw the ball and it caused them to lose the game," Fox said. "I think that's his opinion. That's how I read it."

Lucas had two interceptions in the game, giving him four for the season.

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