Colbert: "I just want to get a W"

You would think Keary Colbert would be spitting mad. Fourteen catches in 10 games? C'mon. Those are high school numbers. But the laid-back Colbert doesn't seem worried about what the media perceives to be a sophomore slump. Colbert, who was held without a catch for the fourth time this season last Sunday by Chicago, insists that the only number he's concerned about is the Panthers' number of wins.

"I just want to get a W. I don't know how many times I have to say it," Colbert said after repeatedly being questioned about his dismal numbers.

"We're trying to win. We're 7-3 and we have a goal to get somewhere. That's all I care about."

Well, that's nice, but at some point if you want to stay a starter in this league, you have to produce.

And Colbert might want to begin caring a little more about contributing. Last week, he played the first series for the Panthers, but then wasn't on the field for most of the first half as the team turned to Rod Gardner.

Nonetheless, coach John Fox continues to support Colbert and his 1.4 catches per game.

"There's a lot more that goes into it than whether a guy is open," Fox said. "You've got to protect, and you've got to get them the ball.

"There are a lot of things that go into somebody catching a pass. Sometimes there's a guy in the quarterback's face. Sometimes the opponent interferes with them. Sometimes the quarterback misses them. There is a lot that goes into passing and catching the ball, not just whether the receiver gets open."

So then why, if Fox is so happy with Colbert's play, is Gardner beginning to see more action?

"Basically, he and Rod Gardner have been splitting time for quite a few weeks. It's just based on personnel group and the rotation. But they've been rotating for quite some time now, not just (against Chicago)," Fox said.

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