Delhomme likes the vibe

Although it is nothing more than running plays in jerseys and shorts, the summer practice sessions the Panthers call "summer school" gives the team an early look at the talent they have around them. "I think we have a lot of talent," Quarterback Jake Delhomme said when asked how good he thinks this team is in comparison to the others he's been on in his four-year stint with the Panthers.

"I thought we had the talent last year, also. We have a lot of weapons offensively. Defensively, I think we're extremely talented, especially up front."

Delhomme should be a good gauge of talent, after all, the Panthers have gone to the NFC championship game twice out of the three years he's been with the club. With the additions made this offseason, this could be his best chance at obtaining a Super Bowl Championship.

"That's why you play this game," said Delhomme. "You don't play this game to go 8-8 or even to go 10-6 and play one or two rounds in the playoffs. You play to get to the ultimate game and win it. We've had a taste of that. We made a nice run last year, but it wasn't good enough. You want to be the champions. I'm envious of Pittsburgh because they're the champs. That's the way it is."

Sometimes the expectation of success dooms a team. Delhomme says the vibe around the locker room is still positive despite the lofty goals.

"It's the same positive vibe we've had the last three years," Delhomme said. "The first year I didn't really know what to expect, but the vibe after the Super Bowl year and then the following year and then last year was one of let's get to work and when it's over, it's time to go get ourselves mentally ready because when we report, it's a marathon. We'll have one weekend off starting in late July and running hopefully into February. That's the goal. You want to have a good camp, start the season fast and finish strong. I feel positive."

"I have a lot of confidence going into training camp."

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