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Panthers fullback Brad Hoover has spent the last seven seasons with the team after beating the odds as an undrafted free agent. "It does and it doesn't," Hoover said when asked if it feels like seven years. "Each season is a long season and seems like it lasts forever."

"But when you look back on it retrospectively, seven years has gone by fast. It seems like yesterday when I was a rookie trying to earn a spot. Going into my seventh season and being able to play the way I've played is great. For me, I just try to get better and better each season."

Hoover also said this is the most talented team he's played on.

"Oh yeah. If we come together right, this looks like it could be the best team I've played on," Hoover said. "The talent is here. The biggest thing is that we have to stay healthy and play consistently. It doesn't really matter what you look like on paper. What matters is which team goes out there and plays the best on Sundays. That's the team that wins the most ball games."

The OLB Battle

Defensive coordinator Mike Trgovac talked about the team's outside linebacker situation and he likes the competition there.

"They're all good, veteran players. What they are is smart," Trgovac said. "The new guys are picking up the system well. That's what we wanted to do, with Thomas being younger and we knew we were going to draft a player in there and we ended up drafting James (Anderson), we wanted to some veterans sitting in there to make sure we weren't too young at the position there. Plus we've got Seward, and Adam is on his way back. He's a good player, too."

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