Peppers makes Hicks eat his words

On Saturday, Minnesota guard Artis Hicks told the Minn. Star-Tribune that the team's right tackle Marcus Johnson would have no problems matching up one-on-one with Julius Peppers. What resulted, what the complete opposite.

"Marcus (Johnson, the right tackle) is a very athletic guy, so he'll be able to get out there and match up with Peppers very well," Hicks told the Star-Tribune. "The game plan isn't that big as far as special attention to Peppers because everybody here, they know Marcus can block that guy. That's not going to be a problem."

Peppers, who manhandled Johnson all day, said the comments were never brought to his attention and therefore it was no motivation. Imagine if someone had. Peppers finished the day with 3 sacks, a blocked field goal, several QB hurries and knockdowns, 8 tackles and a batted pass.

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