Pointing the Finger: third time's the charm

For the last two weeks, I've tried to pinpoint where I think the problems with the Carolina Panthers lie. This week, I think it may be easier to tell you where the problems aren't.

It's hard to explain what's wrong, because it's a domino effect from the top down. I squarely believe that there are serious problems with very core issues of this team, from the pro and college scouting departments, to the decisions made to shape the roster during preseason, to the plays included in the playbook to the misuse of personnel running those plays.

I could sit here and point out specific occurrences, but I don't think you'd read it. It'd be so long that it would lose your interest.

So where aren't the problems? Here is a list of 10 things that are going right for the Panthers:

1) John Kasay has been absolutely money in the bank. The guy has only missed two field goals this year, which is phenomenal. He's a big reason why the Panthers put points on the board.

2) Jason Baker has made Panther fans forget completely about Todd Sauerbrun. His booming punts have really been a bright spot for the team. As bad as the offense has been, their deficiencies would be exacerbated by a poor punter.

3) Keyshawn Johnson has been better than we'd hoped. He's come to Carolina, kept his nose clean and played hard. He's had a few drops, but not nearly as many as #89 has, (which, rest assured, a finger is being pointed at right now).

4) The football. Unlike the NBA, who changed their ball material and design, the NFL football can't be blamed for the Panthers' deficiencies. Somewhere, the ball is sleeping well, knowing it did it's job to the best of it's ability. It was the best ball it could be today, and it played within itself.

5) Sir Purr once pounced on a live football in the end zone. Since then, Sir Purr has been toned down and really is only featured once a game or so when he gets in the big blow up version of himself to become "Big Daddy Purr". Thank goodness the Panthers are no longer distracted by the "Tootsie Roll" dance routine during timeouts. To the left, to the left... to the right, to the right...

6) The fake canon shooters / flag runner guys only make appearances after the Panthers score. Therefore, they only appear during happy times. Boom boom boom boom....bang bang bang bang.... hey HEY!

7) Taye Biddle made a nice tackle today, and is a small guy wearing a small number. Props to you Taye Biddle for realizing that the number 80 -anything would probably wrap around your body.

8) Ticket takers on the East gate. You guys always get me in fast and efficiently, and should have your contract renewed for next season. I just hope the Saints don't swoop in and steal you with promises of more playing time.

9) TO. TO does not play for the Panthers, which is a plus. If he were here right now, we might just have to create his own TV channel.

10) Jon Richardson has the grass and the field looking great this entire year. There have been years where the stadium turf has actually come up and broken people's legs. This year, it has been well groomed and seems extremely solid.

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