COLUMN: Weinke Shell Shocked

Benching Weinke not a great idea for the success of this year.

CHARLOTTE, N.C.- I have read article after article on how the QB situation has been handled in Carolina, and you have to remember I am a Florida State Fan (a little biased in my opinion) so bear with me. I understand to a point where John Fox is coming from, he wants the person in there to best give his team a chance to win. That is fine, but do you wait until 4 or 5 days before your first game and announce that someone who has taken like 9 snaps all pre-season is your starter?  I don't think that was the best call. Again, my opinion.


I see a little miss communication on the coaching staffs part, because Fox's argument is that Peete has a better understanding of the offense because he worked under Henning when they both were with Detroit. Now, was I the only one who read the article that quoted Henning as saying that the offenses were nowhere near the same and that Peete ran the offense over 10 years ago.  Now, this is not a good sign early in the season for the Panthers. 


I expect Weinke to see playing time in Game 1, and probably be named the starter by Week 3. Again, and opinion, may be right, may be wrong, who knows. If the Panthers are really looking to Weinke as the future as they claim, then wouldn't it make sense to repay the man that took a beating for 16 weeks for you last year, by at least giving him a shot to prove himself this year, But instead you shell shock his confidence days before the opening game and relegate him to a back-up role to a almost 40 year old, never was.


Weinke has played with most of these guys for over a year now, and they know things about each other, where he is going to be , what his favorite move is, things like that. Now insert Peete, does the line know which way he is more likely to scramble? I bet not.  You want to win, who doesn't, but are the Panthers setting themselves up to have another top 2 or 3 pick in next years draft? Only time will tell, until next time Panther Fans……

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