First Game News and Notes

<strong>New and Notes for the first game of the season, a 10-7 win over the Ravens</strong>

Charlotte, N.C -Inactive for today's game were: RB DeShaun Foster, RB Dee Brown, CB Dante Wesley, CB Brad Franklin, G Jamar Nesbit, G Derrick Fletcher and DE Kemp Rasmussen.

In case you weren't at the game or were in the blackout area, a mouse was loose on the Ericsson Stadium field. The mouse was caught by grounds crew – At this point, there is no word on the condition of the rodent.

The win came exactly 364 days after the Panthers last win vs. Minnesota.

Despite Carolina's black cat bad luck reputation, there were no injuries reported Sunday night.

The Ericsson crowd was outstanding, cheering lustily when the Panthers' defense took the field. Perhaps the crowd didn't give up because the team never gave up. No matter the reason, it was great to see how many people were still in the seats when the game ended.

Shocker of the day: Seeing John Fox on the sidelines in discussions involving players and coordinators. After the last three years, I thought head coaches weren't allowed to do that!

Just an observation: The Carolina cornerbacks are better playing on the line than they are dropping back ten yards. It looked like they couldn't make the plays in soft coverage.

Although he didn't record a sack Sunday, Mike Rucker put a LOT of pressure on Ravens' QB Chris Redman. Rucker wasn't going against a bum, either. That was All-World OT Jonathon Ogden he was beating. The two sacks we did record came from Kris Jenkins and Brentson Buckner, but Redman was hit eight other times.

The Panthers held the ball for almost 34 minutes, compared to just over 26 minutes for the Ravens.

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