After all the talk, Peete delivered

14-year NFL veteran Rodney Peete proved on Sunday that calm, cool, and conservative can in fact win the game.

CHARLOTTE, N.C.-  "I thought Rodney managed the game superbly," Fox said.

Not only was coach John Fox pleased, but also so were the fans when the Panthers finally broke their losing streak on Sunday against the Ravens.  With the previous week's controversy of second-guessing John Fox's decision to bench Weinke, and start the game with Peete, the fans feel that Fox made the right choice. 

"It was a tough decision by myself and our staff," Fox said. "I know probably in most cases the fans don't understand it and (the media don't) understand it. In our opinion, it was going to be that kind of game and we needed a guy with some experience to manage that kind of game. We felt Rodney was the guy and I thought he did a great job."

While Peete's game wasn't necessarily extravagant, he threw no interceptions and never fumbled which allowed the Panthers to come out on top 10-7.  He did just what he needed to do - win.

"There was big talk that I was going to be rusty," Peete said. "But I think after the first series is over with, you kind of remember what you've done in the past. That was the case with me; I just felt like I'd never left. I felt very good, and I felt very comfortable out there."

Fox has not confirmed whether or not Peete will start next Sunday when the Panthers play the Detroit Lions, however, if Fox chooses him to start, we hope that he will feel just as comfortable.


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