Panthers vs. Lions game will be VIP for both teams

After the thrashing by the Dolphins, next Sunday's game against the Panthers will carry much more importance for the Lions, and the Panthers will have to see if they can make a repeat win.

CHARLOTTE, N.C.-  Because of the blowout on Sunday against the Dolphins, the Lions will be forced to come home to their first home season game at brand new Ford Field, with no wins under their belt and a lot of people asking questions.

Peete dispelled much of the controversy by leading the Panthers to a victory against the Ravens 10-7.  Although the starting quarterback for next Sunday's game has not yet been named, there has been a rumor that Peete will start again and if he does, this will be the chance for both Peete and his team to prove themselves. 

Last season, both the Lions and the Panthers were the two biggest jokes of the NFL. The Lions finished with a 2-14 record and the Panthers finished 1-15 losing their final 15 games after beating Minnesota at the season opener. However, the Panthers broke their losing streak by beating the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday and now the label of being the league's worst team is centered directly on the Lions.

"We have to win this next one. We've got to win it," said Lions' Luther Elliss about this coming Sunday's game. "We have to set a different tone. That's the only way we can bounce back. We have to win next week - that's the bottom line.  (Beating the Panthers) isn't going to be an easy task," Elliss said. "They're expecting to turn their season around and get rolling and we expect to do the same thing."

The Panthers have already put their terrible 2001 season behind them by breaking the cycle on Sunday.  They have at least gotten a start to turning their season around.  The Lions have yet to determine their fate for the season.




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