Peete will repeat on Sunday

Fox wouldn't name Peete as the starting QB right after Sunday's victory against the Ravens, but he made the announcement yesterday in a press conference.

CHARLOTTE, N.C.-  Last week this time, the controversy was at an all time high when head coach John Fox made the decision to bench Chris Weinke and announce Rodney Peete as the starting quarterback. 

After Peete led his team to a win against the Ravens on Sunday 10-7, it was no surprise that Fox announced again in a press conference on Monday that Peete would in fact be the starting quarterback for this coming Sunday's game against the Detroit Lions.  Peete was an efficient 12-of-19 passing for 136 yards and a touchdown Sunday against Baltimore.  There was nothing fancy about his game, but it got the Panthers the win they needed.

Fox said Monday that he felt "very secure" saying 36-year-old Peete would start Sunday against the Detroit Lions.

"I like to view the tape and sit back and get away from the emotion of it before I make any decision," Fox said. "Obviously, if you had twisted my arm, I would have said [Peete] would have been the starting quarterback."

The Panthers, with Peete as their quarterback, got a taste of victory on Sunday against the Ravens.  However, coach Fox said that he will tread a fine line this week between making sure that his players remember what happened a year ago after they won their season opener at Minnesota and making them remember that this is a totally new year.

"You can't lie to them," Fox said. "You have to talk about things and get it all out on the table.

Though no one can predict who will win the game on Sunday, one thing is for sure, Peete will be their starting quarterback and Fox and all the fans are hoping that this Sunday will be a repeat of last Sunday's victory.

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