Fox names Peete as permanent starter

Coach John Fox has named Rodney Peete as permanent starter which will give Weinke the permanent spot on the sidelines.

Charlotte, N.C.-  Peete has led the Panthers to a 2-0 start and wowed the crowd by throwing for 310 yards and a touchdown in Sunday's 31-7 victory over Detroit.  It is only fair that he has been named as the permanent QB for Carolina.  John Fox made the announcement Monday after their game against the Lions.

"I'd say that's fair,'' Fox said. "When you're named the starter, it's your job to have or to lose and Rodney has prepared and played admirably and he's the starting quarterback.''

The announcement wasn't much of a shock to fans because of the great games that Rodney has been playing.  Carolina has won two games in a row for the first time.  He's steady and has not produced one turnover.

One of the greatest parts of Sunday's game was Peete's 22-yard touchdown pass to Mushin Muhammad.  At this particular time, the coaching staff's headsets were malfunctioning so Peete was forced to run the plays with no help from the staff. 

"He consistently makes the right decision and consistently makes the right read,'' Muhammad said. "Someone around here knew he still had it in him, otherwise he wouldn't have been made the starter. Now he's doing a good job of proving to everyone else that he's still got something left.''

Peete has proved his worth the team and the fans.  As long as he continues to lead Carolina to victory, the starting spot will belong to him.

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