Panther get some respect from Vikings

After two home games, the Panthers are 2-0, but Sunday they will have their skills put to the test by Minnesota away from Ericsson Stadium. Vikings' coach Mike Tice calls Carolina a "fired up football team."

Charlotte, N.C.-  The Panthers have started the NFL at home against the Ravens and the Lions and beat them both.  Sunday, however, will be a different story.  They will be going a step up to the Minnesota Vikings and they will be playing for their first time on the road this season. 

The Vikings game will be a huge game for the Panthers if they can pull off a win.  The fact that the Panthers have started off their season 2-0 is already huge, but the Vikings are still a six-point favorite, even though they have yet to win a game themselves.  Throughout all this, Carolina has however managed to gain some respect.

Vikings defensive end Lorenzo Bromell had this to say regarding the Carolina Panthers:  "We're looking at their record, they're 2-0 and an experienced team.  Obviously they're doing the right things, they're clicking, their 2-0.  Right now we're facing the dilemma we're 0-2 looking for our first win.  So, we're going to be giving them the proper respect that's due." (For more quotes visit

Vikings head coach Mike Tice had this to say regarding the Panthers also:  "As far as Carolina's concerned, we got a team coming in that is two or three in the league in defense right now.  They're playing revved up football. You have a fiery head coach in John Fox.  You have a fiery defensive coordinator in Jack Del Rio, who's a good friend and is an excellent football coach and their playing great football.  You have a quarterback in Rodney Peete who is a veteran who is not going to turn the ball over and is going to do the smart thing and be meticulous and moving the ball down the field and taking advantage of things that happen when they happen.  We have our work cut out for us again.  This is a fired up 2-0 football team that's coming into the Metrodome this week." (For more quotes visit

So far the Panthers had a 10-7 victory against the Ravens and a 31-7 victory against the Lions.  On Sunday they will undertake the Vikings, which means Daunte Culpepper and Randy Moss.  However at the moment, the Vikings seem to be blemished.  Daunte Culpepper threw 45 passes against the Patriots and was sacked five times and lost three fumbles.  Just a bad game or a foreshadowing?

Every season in the NFL brings transformations.  First class teams go "coach" and "coach" teams start riding first class.  Once in a blue moon a marvel team comes to the fore and changes things forever. 

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