Davidson loves screen plays

New offensive coordinator Jeff Davidson is happy with how the installation of the offense is coming along. The Panthers got quite a bit accomplished in minicamp and are now off until July 27.

"We're still in the process of evaluating the plays," Davidson said. "We were running some plays out here that we won't run on Sundays. So it's one of those things where we are evaluating our system still, while in turn evaluating the players. And it's coming along pretty well. I'm happy we have this time to work with and we're moving in the right direction."

Davidson said he's has the challenge of evaluating both the players and the plays at the same time.

"It's hard now because most of the time you're trying to simplify the formations and that type of thing and force a lot of guys into those positions," he said. "And then you see what they are capable of doing. Down the road you try to game plan to get them in the right places. It's not that hard. The real hard part comes later on when you try to figure out how to get them in the right positions."

One of the major changes Davidson is making is going to a zone-blocking scheme.

That has required him to retrain some of the offensive linemen and the running backs.

"I wouldn't say it's gone slower than I thought because going in you know there is going to be some growing pains," Davidson said. "Every day there is something that comes up that it's like, 'Hey, this is another aspect that we haven't gotten a chance to talk about.' But that's why we practice."

Although the Panthers don't have any proven pass-catching tight ends -- Jeff King, Michael Gaines and rookie Dante Rosario -- on the roster, Davidson said they will be a big part of the offense.

"We have a rotation going. We have seen all four guys with the first team and that's what we wanted to be able to do," Davidson said. "We wanted to be able to get a rotation yet. There's nobody that is our number one yet and it's an open competition there. We want that. We don't know who it is going to be on Sundays yet. But yes I do like throwing to the tight end. It's part of the offense and I think it should be part of the offense."

He also said the team installed at least one screen play per day.

Davidson loves screen plays.

"We're well on our way to where we want to be there," Davidson said.

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