Green Bay coming up next for Panthers

The Panthers are 3-0 and nothing seems to be getting in their way.

Charlotte, N.C.-  Carolina has already gone 3-0, what's one more?  The team is better than most had expected it to be this season.  The defense is doing wonders and Rodney Peete has been solid as a rock so far.


This coming Sunday the Panthers will play Green Bay at Lambeau Field.  The Packers (2-1) have been preferred as a 7 1/2-point favorite over the Panthers (3-0).  However, the fact is not to be overlooked that the Vikings were also a favorite to win over Carolina in Minnesota.  The Panthers took the victory.


If anything has been lacking in Green Bay, it's been the defense.  The Packers have managed only six sacks and are probably blessed to be 2-1 considering their defense has given up at least 31 points in every game.

The Packers seem to be putting much less pressure on rival quarterbacks in the early part of this season.   Last week, however, Green Bay's defense gave Lions' quarterback Joey Harrington a run for his money.  They hope to do the same on Sunday against the Panthers.

"We got 10 to 15 hits on the quarterback, and that's pretty good," defensive end Billy Lyon said. "Hopefully we can get some hits on (36-year-old Carolina starting quarterback) Rodney Peete this week."

The Panthers have come along way under the coaching of John Fox.  They have gone from the bottom to the top.  After winning their first three regular season games, the Panthers have gained the self-assurance that they lacked last season.  

"Any time you come in and take over a team that is 1-15 there's not a whole lot of confidence there. In some ways that worked to our benefit", said Fox.  "They were willing to try and do just about anything."

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