Wahle: Line had some "technical errors"

Mike Wahle said the offensive line had some "technical errors" on Friday night, giving up three first-half sacks to the Eagles, one of which led to a Jake Delhomme fumble.

"Things as far as hand placement, hat placement," Wahle said. "Guys were working hard, (but) not necessarily working at the same technical level that we did the week before. You could tell a couple legs were heavy, and when that happens you definitely need to rely on your technique instead of letting it expose you. That's what we didn't do a good job of."

When asked if the team is generally tired from training camp, Wahle replied, "You're going to be tired in training camp.

"Coaches know that. Players know that. I would just go back and again say that when you are tired it's important for players to be able to rely on your technique. It's something that we need to do a better job of."

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