Preseason Game 3 - Post-game discussion

The Panthers didn't impress many fans during their home preseason opener against the New England Patriots on Friday night. That was evident by visiting our forums the last few days.

The Panthers didn't impress many fans during their home preseason opener against the New England Patriots on Friday night. That was evident by visiting our forums the last few days.

Here are some excerpts from some of the more interesting posts:

Panthers vs Pat -- Preseason Game 3 -- Official Discussion

Panthers420 wrote:

Here is what I saw:

Two field goals blocked due to horrible blocking.

Delhomme played good, but Carr also looked good until the int. Carr's agility as a QB is very intriguing.

DWilliams looked very good to me.  He needs to continue to get reps and hopefully get consistent carries throughout the year.

Beason looked good. Except for one miss tackle of Sammy Morris. Beason was all over the place.

The defense looked horrible. Coverage was awful and there was no pressure.

I think offensively, Carolina is still holding some things back. They do not want to show their entire offensive playbook under Davidson in the preseason.

Feldman9000 gave their perspective from the game:

I was at the game and this is what I saw. I saw Jake getting enough time to be comfortable in the pocket. He did not have happy feet. If no one was open downfield, he'd check down. Foster looked like the foster of old, 2 yards and fall. DWill was better, but no push and no openings for the OLine. Morgan looked good he was in on almost every play. The whole secondary was just out of position. That one catch in the 2nd half I think was Caldwell stopping and turning around and Lucas is just staring in the air at nothing. The run D was above average, except for that one run with Evans just stiff arming everyone down the field and no one tackled, but those were our scrubs. I'm optimistic this gets cleaned up in the regular season, I don't think we've opened our playbook yet hardly. Listen we were down 10-7 at halftime. When we came back out in the second half, most of our Dline was on the bench and Morgan was already out. It almost seems that everything that we griped about last week was actually addressed. We played better and we didn't scheme.

A few changes would make all the difference...

unctarheel4live writes:
First of all, it is time for Carr to get his time with the first team offense. Yep, that means he should be our starter right now.
The second change is even more obvious to us all.....DLo!!!! Start the kid for crying out loud. He is easily the second best offensive weapon we have.

Some quick notes I took during the game...

LinvilleGorge writes in this thread:


- Maybe DeLo ought to be our starter. More burst. Seems to have better vision. Great quickness on cutbacks.

- Hope we're sandbagging. So far, this has looked more old Henning than new offense.

- Jake threw some NICE balls on a rope. Looked much better than last week vs. Eagles.

- Colbert?!  Where did that speed and acceleration come from?!  That looked like Steve Smith?!

- Still better pass protect than run block.

- David Carr needs to learn to get rid of football. Rumors are true: sometimes he holds the ball too long and takes too many sacks and seems to lack control of game taking delay. Threw some good balls though and seems to have good rhythm with Jarrett. I feel much better about him than Weinke. Gloves seem to be there to stay.  Bad pick in the redzone of an otherwise nice drive.  Jake will have to REALLY tank for him to get a shot this year.

- Haynes showed nicely in limited ops.

- Chris Horn with a nice grab taking a big hit from Meriweather.

- I'd venture to say that we'll be going with a 2 QB roster again this year.
Shelton may be the first guy on the current roster who gets cut.
Carter seems more consistent, but I'm still not comfortable with him at #2


- Gamble looks awful. Was picked on nearly every passing play. Tentative. Looks scared.  Still shies away from contact.

- Morgan looked great in limited PT, really takes D to another level.

- Pass rush nonexistent. With weak safeties, we HAVE to pressure QB.

- Middle of the field is weak. LBs in coverage and safeties look bad. Center of field and Gamble's side VERY, VERY weak.

- Pats still score on a botched snap and exchange.  Terrible.

- Lucas got burned deep when it should've been an INT , but came back the next play and covered well on an attempt in the endzone.

- Safeties nonexistent. Worries look confirmed.
Marshall hasn't looked spectacular, but has still looked much better than Gamble, should be the starter.

Special teams

- 2 FGs blocked.   'Nuff said.

- Coverage average.

- Blocking suspect.

- How'd Crossman keep his job?

- Fox is a conservative, defensive, field possession guy and this won't do.

- When given an inch, Robinson has some good escapability (yes, I just created a word J !) and looks to have some promise as a return man. Needs to take better care of the ball. Fumbled a return earlier in the preseason and almost got a screen pass stripped tonight.

My Rant About Last Night's Disaster

panthersnfl wrote this in the thred they started:

1) The Panthers have never been a team built to comeback. Pre-season, post season, or regular season, when the Panthers fall 10+ points behind, it is almost a guaranteed loss. Nothing different here.

2) Fox is a major problem. Why?
  • His players are soft. They are not tough. There is not an edge to this team. They are not physical. These statements were very apparent last night. Yes, during pre-game they jump around and bang into each other (what a waste of time), but when the clock starts they are slow and show no emotion. Sorry to be a broken record, but this defense showed emotion when Del Rio was here. Jerkovic's defense emulates his example...stone faced. Jerk got credit for Del Rio's defense during the super bowl run. Too many times since Del Rio, this defense has buckled. Fox calls practices early, ends camp early, and rewards his players who obviously are not prepared for games. I am surprised that practices have not been scaled back to one-a-days.
  • His concept of building a team. We needed a veteran #2 WR, but none were signed. It is a crime that the Panthers did not make the #2 WR a priority. Relying on a rookie, stone hands Carter (or what are we going to get from Colbert) is not a way to help Jake or Smith.We need help with the LBs, but none have been signed. Personally, I think a Trotter at 70% is much better than Diggs at 100%.
  • He is too loyal to his players/coaches and hires the wrong players. Rucker is slow, but is till out there. Jenkins looked like he could not make it to the other side of the field during introductions last night. Kemo is a 3-4 type lineman playing on a 4-3 team. He keeps Gamble at #2 and Marshall as #3. He keeps Foster and sits Williams.
  • His attitude regarding TEs. It is super duper that they want to finally use a TE in the offensive game plan....a legendary thought, by God. But, what does Fox do? Keep Gaines and King. Did they even bring in a FA TE this year?
3) Who knows if this offense is any good? I am sick-and-tired of the Panthers not having a stable offensive line. Since Capers, our offensive line has been a "work in progress," many times an after thought. (Carr can relate to Caper's attitude towards an offensive line.) When  the Panthers had a stable line, Stephen Davis excelled.  Jake will not be effective unless his oline is working and running game is effective.....most NFL QBs need these things to be effective.

4) I have never, ever seen a team that can take the crowd out of the game faster than the Panthers. Once again, no emotion; no fire.
5) Mick Mixon really stinks.

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