Graham will be the kicker again Sunday

Despite missing the game tying field goal on Sunday, Shayne Graham will be the kicker this Sunday against the Cardinals.

Charlotte, NC - The kicking game has been the biggest problem for the Carolina Panthers this season and Shayne Graham is the third kicker to kick for the Panthers this season and he is the first one to miss a field goal that cost them the game against the Packers this past Sunday. 

For the season, the Panthers are 2-for-8 on field-goal attempts, starting with John Kasay's 2-for-5 performance in the first two games before he had hernia surgery and was placed on injured reserve.

Punter Todd Sauerbrun, who is the holder for the field-goal attempts, said he thought Graham was a more technically sound kicker than Jon Hilbert, who missed his only two field- goal attempts against the Vikings at Minnesota and then was cut before the game against the Packers.

Head Coach John Fox said that Graham's miss to the right Sunday was related to the kicker being lined up wrong before he approached the ball. He also said he thought the problem would be fixed before Sunday's home game against the Arizona Cardinals.

"I don't think there's too many [kickers] alive that are 100 percent and he's not one of them either," Fox said. "But we have to make the ones we should make, just like we've got to make throws we have to make and the catches we have to make. It's no different than any other position. Eventually we're all evaluated on how we produce. He'll be evaluated the same way."

Graham he been productive in the past with the Buffalo Bills last season has making 6-of-8 field goal attempts and all seven extra points in the final six games last season. At Virginia Tech he  finishing as the Big East's all-time leading scorer.
"We think he gives us the best chance, but the bottom line is he's got to go out and produce on Sunday," Fox said.


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