Friend vs. Friend

Old friends John Fox and Dave McGinnis will face their teams against each other on Sunday.

CHARLOTTE, N.C.-  Carolina Panthers coach John Fox and Arizona Cardinals coach Dave McGinnis have been friends for over 20 years and on Sunday their teams will face each other. 

The similarities of Fox and McGinnis do not stop there.  Their teams are very similar as well.  Looking at the wins and the loses, the Panthers seem to be on top.  The Panthers are 3-1 and the Cardinals are 2-2.  The Panthers have the league's top rated defense. 

Neither Fox or McGinnis put heavy emphasis on looking at the numbers.  "We play with a lot of intensity, and we play a good, emotional brand of football," McGinnis said. "That is exactly what is going on down there in Carolina. When I look at John's team on film, I see a team that is playing very fast and very emotional. They remind me a lot of us."

Both teams put heavy emphasis on their defense and focus more on their running game.  This seems like it would be the logical way to do it, but lately teams living in the NFL have been making the movement towards passing games.

"Most (NFL teams) are throwing the ball more," said McGinnis. "You have to make a dedication and know what you are doing in order to be successful running the football."

McGinnis also commented on Sundays game:  "I think this ball game is going to be very interesting because you've got two high-energy teams playing each other. It should be a lot of fun."

An interesting game indeed.  Mike Rucker and Julius Peppers have spearheaded the Panthers defense all the way to the top.  The Panther defense is a force the Cardinals will have to reckon with on Sunday. 

However, the Cardinals cannot be ignored.  Even though they are not one of the most highly regarded teams at the moment in the NFL, McGinnis will not bring them to Ericsson Stadium unprepared. 

"He's a guy I've always respected and admired," Fox said. "He's got his team playing very hard, and we're going to have our work cut out for us. We've got to be smart with the ball offensively. They're going to be preaching the same things. Their approach and philosophy are going to be the same as ours."




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