Fumbles do not win games

Two fumbles for the Panthers prove costly.

CHARLOTTE, N.C.-  The Panthers learned a hard lesson in Sunday's game against Arizona:  fumbles can cost the game.  Lamar Smith fumbled twice in Sunday's game.  This had fans baffled because of his previous superior performance on the field. 


"It was just one of those days. There's no excuse for it," Smith said. "A guy hit me from the back on the first one and on the second one the guy just got a clean shot on me and the ball came out. I'm supposed to hold on to it. I just have to put it in the past and get ready for Dallas."


The loss could not be blamed on Shayne Graham this game.  Smith had a record of 114 touches and still held on to the ball.  So what happened on Sunday? 

"I'm supposed to hold on to it... One thing I pride myself on is holding onto football and making positive yards. Today, it just didn't go that way", said a disappointed Smith.

In the third quarter, Smith lost the ball after getting hit by linebacker Ray Thompson. Cornerback Renaldo Hill recovered the ball for Arizona, slaughtering a potential Carolina scoring drive.

Coach John Fox was not pleased with the mistakes made in the game.

"That's two weeks in a row that we haven't made the plays we needed to make, whether it be offensively, defensively or in the kicking game," Fox said. "In this league, when you're scrapping for everything, you've got to be able to make those plays in the fourth quarter and win close games. The last two weeks we have not been able to do that."

The strain from the losses is beginning to show. 

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