Muhammad may return against Cowboys

Wide receiver Mushin Muhammad may not be 100%, but he could be just what the Panthers need on Sunday against Dallas.

CHARLOTTE, N.C.-  Wide receiver Mushin Muhammad may possibly play against Dallas this coming Sunday.  Muhammad has been out for the past two weeks due to an injury to his left hamstring.  The wide receiver has been missed.  With him on the injury list, both the Panthers' running game and passing games have suffered. 

"Moose has got a chance to be ready this week," coach John Fox said Monday. "We'll know more on that Wednesday, but I think he's upgraded."

Because of Dallas playing on synthetic turf, Panthers coach John Fox feels that it is a better turf than most in the NFL. 

"The turf we're on this week is a little bit different from, say, Atlanta's," he said. "It's a little bit more of that field turf; it's softer. You can wear cleated shoes versus the nub-type of shoes you wear on the true carpet."

This means that players that are just getting over their injuries can play on it and the chances of them getting re-injured are much lesser.  Muhammad commented on his chances of playing against the Cowboys on Sunday. 

"It's a possibility," Muhammad said. "It's getting closer to where I feel I can at least go on it. I'm not anywhere close to 100 percent but I feel like I can get out and run."

With "Moose" on the sidelines for the past two weeks, the Panthers have sustained two losses.  Both he and his teammates feel that he is needed. 

"I felt there were a lot of instances where I could have helped the team", said Muhammad. "But I'll be back to make some plays. I certainly feel like I'm needed."

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