Carr, Smith working on chemistry

After being held to one catch for 10 yards last week, Steve Smith had only two receptions for five yards in the first three quarters of Sunday's loss.

He finished with 32 yards on five catches and clearly he wasn't on the same page with new starter David Carr.

Smith did not speak to reporters after the game, reiterating what he said earlier in the week -- that he's done talking to the media for the season.

It was a tough day for Smith.

At one point during the game, Smith was seen screaming on the sidelines while talking on the phone, presumably with offensive coordinator Jeff Davidson.

"Everyone in this room and everyone in the stands knows that he's going to get the ball," Carr said. "It's my job to get it to him, but I think the defense knows that too. Jeff does everything he can to get him the ball, but you have to be able to be in down and distances where you can manipulate that with the run game and the play action.

"When we fell behind, it was kind of tough to get in that mode. Once you get in that situation where you are dropping back to pass, you make it hard on the offensive line and then the zone coverages start sliding toward him a little more. I understand his frustration. I want to get him the ball."

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