Fox dismisses Jenkins' comments

On Monday, John Fox dismissed defensive tackle Kris Jenkins' comments about the team lacking heart and desire by saying, "I think after the way we performed, there is frustration and that is what those comments are based on. I don't know if it was as much a lack of effort as it was a lack of execution."

Fox said Jenkins' comments were "understandable" and that he doesn't have a gag order on players.

After Sunday's game, Jenkins ripped the team's lack of heart following a 20-7 loss to Tampa Bay.

"I think the players owe the fans an apology. I would be as upset as they are if I had to sit in the stands for four hours and look at that garbage," Fox said. "I'm going to be honest with you. That's what it was, garbage. ... This is our issue as a team. As a team collectively, we have no heart. We have no energy. We have no drive. Football is about pride and passion. I'm going to repeat that again. Football is about pride and passion. The pride and the passion that you have for this game makes you want to win. It's not about the money. It's not about looking the part. It's not about standing on the field so everybody can see you on TV and that you look good. It's about pride and heart. If you have those two, if you win or lose, you're going to look like a football team.

"That's why we have issues with prosperity. That's why we have issues when things look good. That's why we can't get enough together to look and act like a football team. This is not a 9-to-5 job. This is a game. It is a street fight. It is a gladiator sport and I apologize that sometimes I don't look the part for what people want me to be.

I'm not the weight that everybody wants me to be. But when I step on that field, what you are going to see is pride and heart because I value this game. I love it and that is what is frustrating me. We don't have that. We went out there and I felt embarrassed. I walked out the little line or whatever you come through to go play and I walked out and basically, in a certain way, I challenged their team. And I challenged my team, because when you step out there like that and you do something like that, you better back it up and we didn't. We got broke off. We really got broke off and I'm embarrassed to say so."

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