Moore is better

The Carolina Panthers have found a new quarterback -- at least for the remainder of this season. Rookie Matt Moore led the struggling Panthers (6-8) to a 13-10 win over the playoff-bound Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, throwing for 208 yards and committing no turnovers in his first NFL start.

"The guys up front were huge," Moore said. "Seattle has a good defense and I think I only got touched one time. That is outstanding. You can't ask for anything better than that. I think we ran the ball good. Personally, I'm just glad I managed the game and didn't make any major mistakes.

"I tried to stay calm and stay focused. Our quarterback coach said all week to just manage the game. If it's not there, check it down. I'm glad things worked out like that."

Coach John Fox didn't waste any time saying Moore would start this Saturday night against Dallas (12-2), which should be jacked up following a loss to Philadelphia.

Moore's teammates were impressed with his effort.

"He's always had good huddle composure," said right tackle Jordan Gross. "I think it was nice for him knowing he was going to start. He got a lot of reps in practice. He didn't look like a rookie in there and he made a lot of reads. I think he had a pretty clean game."

Receiver Steve Smith, who caught seven passes for 82 yards, said Moore did a great job.

"For a young guy like that, who comes in as a undrafted free agent rookie, he showed poise," Smith said. "Everybody makes mistakes, but the way he handled his mistakes shows his poise and his potential for the future.

As for Moore's command in the huddle, Smith said, "He was just like every other quarterback. He listens to the play, and calls it loud. Nobody is like Jake (Delhomme) in the huddle, but everybody has a different personality. He knows how to command people's attention, and I think he did a great job today."

Carolina's defense held the Seahawks out of the end zone for 59 minutes and 59 seconds before giving up a meaningless touchdown pass.

"The defense played outstanding," Moore said. "It's a little nerve racking sitting there. We needed to punch it into the end zone sooner. We ended up getting it done. It was a little uneasy there for a bit, but it was a good job overall."

Members of Carolina's defense, which have for the most part avoided pointing fingers at the struggling offense, have said in the past that if they want to win they must take matters into their own hands.

In other words, they can't allow the opposing offense to move the football, and certainly not score.

On Sunday, they limited the high-powered Seahawks to 282 yards, 65 of those coming on a meaningless Matt Hasselbeck-led touchdown drive in the final minute.

"It's a team game," said linebacker Thomas Davis, whose sack and forced fumble on Hasselbeck led to Carolina's only touchdown of the game in the fourth quarter.

"When you go out, we can't blame the offense. The offense is not letting teams score points. It's us as a defense. And we feel like we do a better job each week and give the offense more possessions -- than maybe they can come out and get something done. Matt Moore did a great job with that today."

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