Free agency frenzy in Carolina?

Could the Carolina Panthers really be players in the free agency market after all?

Rumors abound as the 2008 Free Agency signing period began at midnight last night.

There are several rumors floating around this morning, the most interesting being that the Panthers will be players for (former?) Browns Quarterback Derek Anderson. Rumor has it that if the Panthers indeed get the third and fifth round picks from the Jets for Kris Jenkins, that they will send their first and one of their thirds to the Browns in order to sign Anderson, who is a restricted free agent.

Anderson was a favorite of former Browns OC/OL coach and current Panthers OC Jeff Davidson, and his pro bowl appearance a few weeks ago could solidify Davidson's argument. Well, that and the fact that Jake Delhomme is comming off a surgery that he may not really return from, has a high cap number and is nearing the twilight of his career anyhow.

As for the aforementioned Kris Jenkins trade, ESPN's John Clayton is reporting as if it is fact that Jenkins will be traded to the Jets for their 3rd and 5th round picks. Trading Jenkins will free another $3 million in salary cap space.

The Rock Hill Herald's Darin Gantt reported last night that the Raiders' Tyler Brayton was on his way to visit the Panthers today.

In former Panther news, former starting RB DeShaun Foster is back on the west coast after signing a two-year deal with the 49ers.

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