Peete looks to help offense get back on track

Can quarterback Rodney Peete help the offense get back to what it was the first month of the season?

Charlotte, NC – The Panthers offense which hasn't looked too great over the past few weeks will get back one of the many reasons that they went 3-0 in the first three weeks of the season.  Quarterback Rodney Peete looks to help the offense get back on track against the Saints this Sunday. 

"With Rodney back there, he's always on an even keel it seems like no matter what the situation is, he's always real even and real confident. That's a good thing to have in the huddle," said center Jeff Mitchell. "He's the guy calling the plays, the guy you're interacting with. It does make a difference that he's in there."

Peete has come back quickly from surgery. Peete says that his knee is not 100 percent, but feels that it is better then it has been in a while.

"It was bothering me all through training camp and the first part of the year. Before the surgery, I could pinpoint the area that was bothering me. Now it's just general soreness. It feels much better than it did before," said Peete.

While Peete has been out, he has felt somewhat helpless in his ability to help the team win and improve. He is happy to be back.

"You don't have an opportunity to go out there and help your team win. And when you know if you were healthy you would be playing, it's tough to sit on the sidelines. I'm just happy to be back," said Peete.

Head Coach John Fox feels that Peete gives the Panthers the best chance of winning.

"He's proved in the first eight games that he's been our most productive quarterback," said coach John Fox. "We've struggled since he's been out, particularly the last two games. Offensive football is timing, and your starting quarterback runs the show. When he's out of there, usually everybody around him suffers." 


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