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Get the latest rumor on the Carolina Panthers as they head into the 2008 NFL draft this weekend. Could the Panthers be eying a QB in the middle rounds?

If you haven't heard of San Diego State quarterback Kevin O'Connell yet, get ready. He might be one of the more discussed QBs in the upcoming week. A few weeks ago, O'Connell was just a blip on the QB draft radar, figuring to go late in the draft, but recently, after a superb workout, O'Connell has shot up the draft rankings.

O'Connell, a four-year captain and son of an FBI agent , stands just over 6'5", weighs in at 222 lbs. and has the prototypical size and speed teams are looking for at the NFL level. O'Connell ranks first in Aztecs history for rushing yards and touchdowns at the QB position, second all-time in completions and fourth all-time in touchdown passes.

Draft experts are likening him to Tom Brady, but more athletic.


Don't be surprised if the Panthers use a third or fourth round pick on O'Connell. just updated their rankings, and now have him ranked as the fifth overall QB, behind Michigan's Chad Henne and above Colt Brennan, John David Booty, Erik Ainge and Andre Woodson.

The Panthers have publicly stated they are happy with their quarterbacks they have under contract, but it's widely believed they are looking for another talented arm to groom alongside second-year gunslinger Matt Moore.

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