Godfrey: the ball is in the air, it's my ball

The panthers wanted a physical safety that had coverage skills. They believe Charles Godfrey will fill that role. Godfrey has some experience as a safety, but the majority of his collegiate experience is at cornerback. Godfrey has good size, skill and speed to play center field for the Panthers.

"I would say physical, fast and consistent," Godfrey said when he met with the Charlotte media. "That is one thing you want to do when you're playing corner is to stay consistent. You are going to get a couple big plays on you but you have to minimize those plays. A lot of things the corners in the League do is try to minimize the big plays. I want to try and stop receivers from having those big plays on me by staying consistent. That was one thing I said going into my senior year. I said no one was going to score on me and when the ball is in the air, it's my ball. I had five picks and no touchdowns scored against me. That is one thing I really focus on is being consistent."

Godfrey doesn't know where he's going to play for the Panthers, but the common perception amongst the fan base is that he'll be a free safety. To him, he doesn't care where he plays; he just wants to be on the field.

"I've had a meeting with a lot of teams, and they asked me about playing free safety or corner and possibly playing some nickel, also," said Godfrey. "That was one thing about my value coming in was being able to play more than one position in the secondary. It doesn't matter whether I play corner or safety. Anywhere I can be on the field and make plays would be good for me."

The Panthers also got a decent special teams player, as well.

"That is one thing about Iowa, we take a lot of pride in special teams," Godfrey said. "I started playing my freshman year. They tried to take me out a little my senior year, because I was starting at cornerback, but I told them no. I trained and I've been training all year to handle that load. I played all four years, and it was great. I'm looking forward to being able to play special teams right away also."

Godfrey should compete with veteran pick-up Terrance Holt for playing time at free safety. Ideally, you plan for your third round picks to start. Godfrey should not have a tough learning curve due to his familiarity with the position.

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