Fox and Peete say no psychologist needed

"There's reasons why we're losing late in games and it's not bad luck, jinx, any of those things," Fox said Monday after Carolina's loss to New Orleans. "There's physical evidence of things we're doing poorly to create that and that's what we have to work on."

Charlotte, N.C. - After the Panthers' loss on Sunday, it has many of the fans wondering about the future of the team.  Their fourth quarter disintegration against the Saints on Sunday seems to be a replay of the last five games for Carolina.  To avoid these fourth quarter catastrophes, the Panthers have to work on avoiding mistakes, but it just doesn't seem to be that simple.   

"It would be different if it was one single thing that we could point to and say, ‘Stop doing that, and we'll win the game.'  It's not though.  It has happened several different ways this season and it's hard to put your finger on", stated Peete of this season.  "Individuals make their own luck and their opportunities and seize them when they are there.  It's as plain as that." 

There has been some talk about the Panthers bringing in a sports psychologist to help with some of their problems; possibly to boost the morale of the team.  

"You can bring in psychologists until the cows come home. It's definitely a mental game, don't get me wrong," admits Peete. "You have to have the mental toughness to play this game. But until each and every person can look himself in the mirror and say, ‘I'm going to get it done,' then that psychologist is not going to penetrate anybody."

Coach John Fox shared similar sentiments regarding bringing in a sports psychologist to work with players on various issues.

"I don't think it's as much mental as people make it out to be," said Fox. "I think it's a physical game. You've got to make plays. We have made plays that were negated by penalties or different things you have to overcome, especially late in the fourth quarter. We just have to work at it harder."

Fox feels that Carolina's problems need to be worked out on the field. There won't be any major changes and he also stated that physical conditioning doesn't seem to be a problem.  The only adjustment that the Panthers will make, will be regarding their practices.

"We're just going to spend more time in two-minute drills, practice it every day instead of once or twice," Fox said.  "There's physical evidence of things we're doing poorly and that's what we have to work on."

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