Panthers planning to cut training camp short

The Panthers are traditionally one of the last teams to break training camp, but that will change this year.

In the past, the NFL allowed teams roster exemptions for NFL Europe players. However, since that league is now defunct, NFL teams are only allowed to bring 80 players to camp instead of 86, limiting the amount of bodies the Panthers have at their disposal.

That has caused coach John Fox to rethink his plan regarding training camp.

"I think we're going to shorten our length of camp," Fox said. "We've always carried 86 players. This year with 80, it doesn't sound like a big difference, but it is. You're practicing at camp twice a day and it does affect it. I'm not sure what everybody else in the league is doing but that's something we've looked at and adjusted."

Fox said he'll make an announcement at a later date as to when the team will actually break camp. In the past, training camp has typically stretched into a fourth week, but this year it could be shortened to three. The team will spend the extra time practicing back in Charlotte.

Players report to training camp on July 25.

Fox probably won't get much of an argument from his players, most of whom aren't big fans of sleeping in the tiny dorm rooms of Wofford College and spending weeks at a time away from their families.

As for the practices themselves, players won't be getting out of two-a-days.

Fox said he plans to continue his schedule of alternating his practice schedule, practicing twice on one day and once the next.

"The schedule itself will be the same as it's been, 2-1-2, that kind of routine," he said. "We have installation and time limits and only so much time to get things in. We can't deviate too far from that, but then we'll have an adjusted schedule when we get back here."

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