Torry to Carolina?

The Holt brothers have been talking throughout the spring about playing on the same NFL team. That can't happen right now for a variety of reasons, but they aren't discounting it a few years down the road.

Terrence Holt, a backup safety for the Panthers, said one of his wishes before retiring from the NFL is to play alongside his more famous older brother Torry, a four-time Pro Bowl receiver for the St. Louis Rams. Preferably, that will happen in North Carolina where the Holts were born and raised and attended college at N.C. State.

"That would be the ultimate," Terrence said. "That would be the capper on our careers. That's something we dream about and hopefully will come true."

But before this family reunion ever has a chance to come to fruition a lot of things must happen first, not the least of which is the younger Holt re-establishing himself as a top NFL safety.

He played four decent seasons for the Detroit Lions before signing a lucrative five-year free agent contract with the Arizona Cardinals last year. However, the Cardinals cut him after just one season, clearly unhappy with his production.

"I was sort of shell-shocked when it happened," Terrence said. "It made me do some soul searching about where you are in the league and your purpose. And it's motivational, too. I had a lot of time to sit down and analyze my season and look at some of the things I did well and some things I did bad and improve upon that... I think we underachieved for the team we had. Anytime you don't reach those goals there are going to be consequences and sometimes you end up being the odd man out. I'm not sitting here saying I had a Pro Bowl season, but I did some things well and there were some things I didn't do well."

As for the reunion, the problem is Torry has two years left on his contract with the Rams, and they aren't about to part with him even if he is on the downside of his career. Torry turned 32 on June 5.

Terrence's contract with the Panthers is only for this season.

The whole thing began earlier this spring when Torry told reporters at a charity golf tournament in Raleigh that he would like to play for the Panthers at some point.

He's since repeated that statement, something that aggravated some members of the Rams' organization.

"I think more than joking he was being realistic about where he is in his contract and where he is in his career," Terrence said. "I think he has two years left and he will play. I don't think he said anything that is out of the realm of what can happen. He has two years left and after the two years are left he will begin to analyze where he's at in his career and health-wise and team-needs wise and everything.

"I don't think he said anything that was too out of bounds or too bad on St. Louis, or that disrespected the Rams management or the team. I think he was just being honest. We as players get looked at badly by being honest. But this is a brutally honest league and when teams make decisions and cut you, nothing is said about that. (They will say), "It's just the right move to make." I think he said something that he has two years left and after that if they don't re-sign him he'll see if he can get back to Carolina."

With Torry's comments upsetting some in St. Louis, he elected to back out of a charity bowling tournament with his brother in Charlotte a few weeks back.

"We thought that might be too much. We thought with all of the uproar it would look too suspicious," Terrence said. "We thought someone might superimpose a Panthers shirt on it might be too much. But anywhere I go he's always going to be because we're brothers and we're tight like that. It just so happens that he said that and this is his hometown and whenever anybody catches him in Charlotte hanging out with me there will be something said about that."

Or course, the idea of pairing Torry Holt with Steve Smith is enough to make most Panther fans salivate.

Holt and Smith are regarded as one of the game's top receivers. But Torry will be 34 when his contract with the Rams expires.

"I'm trying to get him reeled in," Terrence said. "He's been up here a few times and began to fall in love with the area. I told him the next thing is you have to combine that with playing here. We'll see how it goes. I try to take care of myself and give myself a home surface and set up shop. And then we'll bring him along."

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