Moore's injury may be worse than reported

There's something about Pittsburgh. Something bad always seems to happen when the Panthers visit. Patrick Jeffers suffered a career-ending injury in 2000. The latest casualty could be backup QB Matt Moore.

Moore took most of the snaps Thursday night before leaving on a cart with a leg contusion as the Panthers wrapped up the preseason on a sour note, losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers 16-19.

The early assessment was that it didn't seem like there was any catastrophic damage done to Moore's leg, unlike Jeffers, who tore his ACL.

"I know I fell awkwardly," Moore said after the game. "I didn't really feel anything until I got almost to the ground, and then I knew something was wrong. Hopefully, it's not a big deal. It's just a bruise, like they say. We'll figure everything out tomorrow, though."

"The early indication is there's no broken bone, so really much further than that, I'm not sure yet," said Fox. "It was his leg. The X-rays were negative at this point, and we'll evaluate him moving forward."

It all sounds positive, but let's remember, this is the Carolina panthers. This is the same staff that indicated that Stephan Davis had injured "a foot" but would not indicate which foot it was. It's the same staff that knew years in advance that Delhomme's elbow wasn't right, and never mentioned anything about it until they had to. With cuts coming in the next couple of days around the league, the Panthers undoubtedly will be scouring the wires for players to pick up or possibly trade for. Therefore, the Panthers won't indicate how severe Moore's injury is just in case they need some bargaining leverage in a trade. If teams know that the Panthers are in dire need of a quarterback, the price will be higher than if Moore's status is uncertain.

As for the on-field production, Moore wasn't impressive - completing 15 of 27 passes for 164 yards, no touchdowns and two interceptions.

"I was playing the whole first half and then coming out in the second half and trying to keep up the tempo," Moore said of his performance. "It was good. I thought I did some things well. That last interception was a bad play, but other than that I thought we moved the ball well at the end of the first half. It would have been nice to get some points on a touchdown, but we did a lot of good things. There's always something to work on."

Coach John Fox gave Moore a glowing review after the game.

"After we look at the tape and evaluate that – I mean, he's been our back-up quarterback; he will be moving forward and we'll go from there," Fox said.

There figures to be a few decent QBs on the street come Monday. Former Viking, Raider and Dolphin Daunte Culpepper is still on the street and looking to get back in the league. The Bucanneers figure to part ways with Chris Simms. Someone has to be cut from the Dolphins, whether it's Josh McCown or John Beck.

With a potential long-term injury to Moore, Jake Delhomme coming off of Tommy John surgery and Brett Basanez having little on-field experience, expect the Panthers to make a roster move in the next couple of days.

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