Analysis: The McCown Trade

Why was McCown available for a trade? How did he look during the Dolphins' training camp? We speak with Dolphin Digest's Alain Poupart for the inside info.

McCown will come to Carolina as the Panthers' number two quarterback. In the past, the Panthers have tried to sign McCown in free agency, only to be spurned because of promises of starting elsewhere.

The Panthers gave up their 2009 7th round pick in exchange for McCown.

Analysis from Dophin Digest Alain Poupart:

When Josh McCown signed with the Dolphins as a free agent in the offseason, he did so believing he was going to be the team's starting quarterback in 2008 and the team very much wanted him to be that guy. But it was clear throughout the offseason workouts and minicamps and throughout the preseason that McCown didn't really look like that answer.

As he, second-year player John Beck and rookie Chad Henne competed in camp, inconsistency was the one constant among the group. In fact, it was Henne who looked the best of the three. McCown would make one good throw, followed by two bad ones, followed by a good one. After Chad Pennington was signed, it was clear to everyone that he would be the starter and Henne the quarterback of the future. The only question was which of the remaining two quarterbacks the Dolphins would keep.

It's believed the Dolphins shopped Beck around the league in the hope of getting a draft pick and the early thinking was that McCown probably would be kept because the Dolphins probably wouldn't want to go with either Beck or Henne if Pennington got injured. But Henne's rapid development in the late stages of camp and the preseason gave the team enough confidence that he could step in that he clearly looks like the No. 2 guy right now. That meant that both Beck and McCown became expendable.

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