Starting Quarterback Battle

All three quarterbacks will battle for the starting job this Sunday.

Charlotte, NC — Whoever is able to give the Panthers the best chance to break this 8 game losing streak, is the player that will be the starting quarterback for coach John Fox and the Panthers. Fox hasn't decided who will start this Sunday for the Panthers against the Cleveland Browns.  That a decision might not come until much later in the week.

Rodney Peete, Chris Weinke and Randy Fasani will all be involved in the battle for the starting job this week.  

"All three of them are involved (in the competition)," Fox said. "I'm not ready to say what order they'll be in come Sunday against Cleveland."

It could be some time before Fox names a starter for this week.

"We won't really make that decision until later in the week," Fox said. "We're still discussing and still evaluating the situation and it may even go until later in the week."

Fox knows that football is a team game and everyone has to play their part.  

"I was disappointed in our pass offense this is a team game. A variety of people involved. Whether it's receivers running routes, protection not only by linemen but by backs and tight ends. Then the execution of the QB — we were not very strong in that area overall," said Fox.

Fox is aware that there will be a lot of things to address during the off-season.  

"We expect to win every time we get on the field. But you're not going 1-15 to 15-1 in one season. There's a lot of things that needed to be addressed in the off-season, and there will be more things to address this off-season. Great players and great teams just aren't born. They're developed. It takes time to develop a winning team," said Fox.


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