During my three years as Voice of the Atlanta Falcons back in the early ‘90s, I had the pleasure of working with Jerry Glanville, the team's head coach for two of those seasons. Say what you will about his success rate, there's no questioning the fact that he was interesting and entertaining.

One time, when we were talking about rookies in the NFL, he remarked that when a rookie starts on defense, there are flashing red lights on his helmet that only quarterbacks can see. Those lights, he continued, are exclaiming to the quarterback: "Here I am! Here I am!" The NFL quarterback responds, "I see you and I love you," according to Glanville.

When the Chiefs come to Bank of America Stadium on Sunday, they expect to start three rookies on defense, including both cornerback positions. Brandon Flowers is the right corner drafted in the second round this year out of Virginia Tech. ACC fans should know the name as he helped the Hokies maintain their standard of excellence on defense. The left corner is Brandon Carr out of Grand Valley State, a fifth round pick in April. Carr got to start last week in place of the injured Patrick Surtain and drew high praise from coach Herm Edwards after the Chiefs' upset of Denver. Surtain should be ready to play against the Panthers, but Edwards has indicated Carr will start. The third rookie is the Chiefs' top pick Glenn Dorsey out of LSU, the defensive right tackle.

All this should bode well for Panthers quarterback Jake Delhomme. As he comes to the line of scrimmage and looks at the Chiefs' secondary, there will be red lights flashing all over the place. Granted, the Kansas City staff will need to help the two rookies by playing a lot of zone coverage, but that doesn't mean Delhomme won't be able to exploit them, especially with veteran receivers like Steve Smith and Mushin Muhammad doing what they do best. I would expect to see big numbers in the passing game Sunday, as long as the Panthers O-line can hold up. I can hear Delhomme now as he goes after the two rookie corners, "I see you and I love you."


The Chiefs have two rookies on offense who start: Mike Cox, the fullback out of Georgia Tech, and Brandon Albert, left tackle out of Virignia. Albert is hurt, however, and Herb Taylor gets the nod to start. He will have his hands full with Julius Peppers.

I had the opportunity to see the Chiefs at New England when I broadcast that season opener for Westwood One Radio. They had it first and goal at the five of the Patriots in the final minute and could not punch it in the end zone. Kansas City lost 17-10. So much of the NFL comes down to making plays in the fourth quarter. They followed that up with losses to the Raiders and Falcons before pulling off the surprising win over Denver.


This is a game that everyone expects the Panthers to win and this is one of the weeks that John Fox will show why he makes the big bucks. I am certain he is getting in everyone's face and telling them, like Denver last week, the Chiefs are capable of another upset. It's human nature to think you can put the uniform on and go through the motions and beat an inferior team. So it's up to the head coach and his staff to keep the egos from getting two big and not look ahead to next week's game at Tampa. It's called a trap game and it's up to the head coach to prevent the Panthers from being caught in that trap.


I have called two Redskins games so far this season for Westwood One and have seen Quarterback Jason Campbell become a real leader for Washington. His poise in the pocket has been outstanding, knowing when to slide away from the rush, or when to step up in the pocket and hit his receivers. I think the "light has come on" for him in the West Coast Offense of Head Coach Jim Zorn. I thought the Skins might be the weak link in the NFC East. But right now after the win over Dallas, they are as good as the other three teams. We'll see how they fare against the Eagles this week.

I'm off to Phoenix to do the Bills at Cardinals Sunday afternoon.

Enjoy the weekend!

Bill Rosinski is a play by play announcer for Westwood One radio. Learn more about Bill at

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