The Delhomme Debate

Fans are fickle. If their team wins, their coach is the greatest ever, the QB is a Pro Bowler and they are going 14-2 on their way to the Super Bowl. If their team loses, everyone associated with the team should be fired, traded or cut. That's what it has come down to in NFL fan circles. Everyone is an expert. Now it is your turn.

We at want you, the fan, to give us your input on what you'd do in a specific situation on a weekly basis.

Thus, the Weekly Debate was born.

This week, we're talking about Jake Delhomme's horrible game against the Raiders.

Delhomme isn't known for having streaks of bad games. He's more the up and down type of roller coaster QB that is more up than down.

But what if he wasn't? What if Delhomme laid eggs for two more weeks?

Here's the rules of the debate:

1) No bashing opposing viewpoints. Instead, prove why you think they are wrong.

2) Intelligent debate only. All other posts will be deleted.

3) No blind faith. That shows a lack of critical thinking.

4) Support your viewpoint with well thought out arguments.

5) Read my initial post carefully and answer the questions accordingly. Sometimes I may post hypotheticals to set the tone. Assume, for the sake of argument, that those hypothetical statements are true. Otherwise, this will not be what it is intended to be -- a debate on the issue.

6) If you think this is "stupid" or you don't want to participate, please, do not post your thoughts on the debate or the question.

Here's the question:

Jake Delhomme had his worst statistical game of his pro career against Oakland. Delhomme has another bad game against Detroit (multiple interceptions, bad throws, poor decisions), but the team wins again and is 8-2. The next week against Atlanta, Delhomme has a smiliar game to the Oakland and Detroit games, but the Falcons beat the Panthers due to a fumble for a touchdown (which is the deciding factor in the game).

The Falcons, the Panthers and the Bucs are tied for the division lead.

Jake Delhomme comes out against Green Bay flat again. It's half time -- do you put in Matt Moore or Josh McCown to finish the game? Do you wait, let Delhomme finish the game and risk falling to third in the division late in the season? Do you have faith that Delhomme will "come back to form" after nearly 4 bad games in a row? Do you think John Fox will allow the Panthers to possibly miss the playoffs in hopes that Delhomme will come out of his funk?

How long is Jake Delhomme's leash?


We'll post the most compelling arguments here at the end of the week.

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