Fox: it's the best offense we've had

Carolina Panthers coach John Fox called this year's offense the best he's had since taking over as head coach in 2002. "I think there's no doubt it's the best offense we've had since I've been here as a head coach, if you look at the production level," Fox said. "And a lot's gone into that.

"We injected quite a bit of talent into that group that I think has worked out well, and they've worked out well. There are no guarantees in personnel acquisitions, but (the players) have blended well. I think (offensive coordinator) Jeff Davidson and the offensive staff have done a terrific job. We've been able to maintain the balance that I think is important."

The Panthers have run the ball 504 times this season for 2,437 yards and 30 touchdowns. They've attempted 434 passes (if you include sacks allowed) for 3,288 yards and 15 touchdowns.

They scored 414 points, the most in the Fox era and the second most in franchise history.

When asked if the running game has exceeded expectations, Fox said, "We're not done yet. I think that we have goals and we're into that second season. So it's hard to even reflect a little bit on the regular season. We've still got a lot of work to do and hopefully we're not done for a while."

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