Where is Peppers headed?

Where is Peppers headed? The recent news of Julius Peppers wanting to play elsewhere hit the Panthers fans like a ton of bricks. One of the most popular players in Panthers history, Peppers won't easily be replaced.

The team most certainly will place the franchise tag on Peppers, let him negotiate a deal with another team, then work out a deal with that team for compensation.

Only a day after the news broke, opinion swirled around the web as to where Peppers could land. Here are a few we've found so far:

New York Jets: Click here for article

What a coincidence, the New York Jets play a 3-4 defense. And they're targeting Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan as their head coach. And his defense plays a 3-4. Sounds like a perfect fit, right?

Chicago Bears: Click here for article

With the Bears expected to be as much as $25 million below the league's $123 million salary cap, finding cap space likely wouldn't be the issue. It could come down to the organization's willingness to write the NFL's richest contract ever for a pass-rusher.

Dallas Cowboys: Click here for article

The Cowboys have Greg Ellis and now a troubled Anthony Spencer on the other side of Ware. Would Carolina like these players for Peppers, who is dying to play in a 3-4 defense and have a similar role as Ware?

Buffalo Bills: Click here for article

Making him aware of the fact that the Bills finished 14th overall in defense without a pass rush and convincing him that with him as an addition they could easily be a top 10 defense, maybe just maybe Peppers could be convinced.

Kansas City Chiefs: Click here for article

Peppers, however - giddy up. If I'm Scott Pioli, and I want my fan base to immediately bow down before him and make a big splash, I would offer the talented (and unfortunately oft-injured) Peppers a long term deal to shore up the much maligned defensive line. I mean immediately - like 12:00:01 on the day free agents can sign with new teams.

Jon Gruden, Julius Peppers, and the #3 overall pick (for now)? That would certainly go a long way to improving a team, and satisfying a fan base that is dying to cheer for a winner.

Denver Broncos: Click here for article

The Broncos are looking for a face of a defense that was on of the worst in it's 48 year history and seems ready and willing to move to that defense, with coaches who have had success running it. Sounds like a match made in heaven.

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