Peppers heading North?

The Panthers have been relatively quiet over the last couple of days. That could come to an end soon. It's no secret that the Panthers want to trade unhappy defensive end Julius Peppers for draft picks. Who their trade partner could be is the only question.

However, an interesting development between the Chiefs and Patriots could get the wheels in motion for the Panthers.

Every day the Panthers continue to hold Julius Peppers on their books means another day they miss out on players that could potentially help their team. After losing two of their backup offensive linemen in the last two days, the Panthers could use some of that near $17 million in cap space to fortify their lines. Right now, it's just sitting there, doing nothing.

However, Adam Schefter reported that the Patriots are interested in acquiring Julius Peppers. Schefter stated that New England was one of the teams that Peppers had previously stated he'd like to go to, and that the recent trade of Cassel and Vrabel to the Chiefs opened enough cap space for the Patriots to sign Peppers. Peppers would fill a need for the Patriots, not to mention it would mean that the Panthers wouldn't have to see Peppers possibly only twice more in his career, (assuming the two don't meet in the Super Bowl any time soon).

The Patriots acquired the Chief's 34th overall pick in the trade for Cassel, which could serve as ammunition to get the deal with the Panthers done. The Patriots currently own the 23rd, 34th, 47th, 58th and 89th picks in the first three rounds and could send any combination of those and future picks to the Panthers in return for Peppers.

Perhaps the sense of urgency to get a deal done with the Panthers is the reason why the Patriots settled for just the 34th overall pick -- a surprisingly low price by NFL standards -- for Cassel and Vrabel?

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