QB Profile: Rex Grossman

The Panthers will be looking at a quarterback in the 1st few rounds of the NFL Draft and here is the profile of top quarterback prospect Rex Grossman.

Rex Grossman, Florida, Junior 6-1 215

Profile: Grossman is strong-armed, smart, accurate and puts a good touch on the ball while also making great decisions in the pocket. The biggest concerns with Grossman is that he is short and has a side-arm release.  This isn't a good combination going up against tall defensive lineman that love to knock balls down.  However, he has the ability to move around in the pocket and get away from pass rushers. He also has good leadership ability. He has a very solid arm and has all the other tools need to be a great quarterback, but his lack of height may hurt him in the NFL.

Fit with Panthers: Grossman might not be what the Panthers are looking for as far as a quarterback.  He is a little more of a "free-wheeling" quarterback who tries to make plays on his own, then a drop back passer.  His trusting in his arm gets him into trouble.  He doesn't really fit the Panthers offense, but he could be the only top quarterback prospect when the Panthers draft in the second round (No. 41).

Projection: There has been some talk that Grossman could go at the end of the first round to the Green Bay Packers because some people say Grossman is a young Brett Farve.   The Panthers want to get a quarterback for now and in the future in the first two rounds of the draft.  They may draft Grossman in the second round if the other top 4 quarterbacks are already gone.

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