WR Profile: Charles Rogers

The Panthers are looking to draft a WR in the first few rounds of the draft. This is the profile for WR Charles Rogers. The question is are the Panthers willing to trade to be able to draft him.

Charles Rogers, Michigan State, Junior 6-3 205

Profile: Rogers is a game breaker.  He is big and fast. He knows how to get open and also runs good clean routes.  He needs to add some bulk to his frame so that he can take the pounding in the NFL.  He is only a junior, but most likely will come out after this season. Rogers has great speed, good size, and runs well with the football. He has reliable hands but could be better at catching the ball. He can work in the middle of the football field as well as deep.

Fit with Panthers: He would likely be a number one wide receiver for the Panthers. Rogers and former Michigan State wide receiver Muhsin Muhammad would be a great one-two punch for the Panthers. Rogers could be the deep threat in the Panthers offense that they need. Rogers has the ability to do for the offense what Julius Peppers did for the defense last year. Right now he is one of the best players in the draft.

Projection: The Panthers would have to trade with the Detroit Lions for the number 2 pick in the draft to be able to draft him and it would cost the Panthers their first round draft choice plus their second or third and maybe a later round pick as well. It doesn't look like the Panthers are going to be willing to part with that many draft picks, but they are looking to draft a wide receiver in the first few rounds of the draft.

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