Peete would like to stay with Carolina

Peete may return to Carolina next season.

Charlotte, N.C. - After last season, quarterback Rodney Peete would definitely like to return to Carolina.  Peete said on Monday that he and the Panthers have had some groundwork consideration about a contract extension and that he'd like to have an agreement in place before free agency begins on Feb. 28th 2003.

"I'm trying to push the envelope a little, and hopefully we can get something done before the 28th," Peete said. "I definitely want to go back there. I want to finish my career in Carolina."

If the Panthers do decide to re-sign Peete, they would not have to be concerned with the hassle of searching for another free agent quarterback.  The decision would also impact their draft choices as well.

"I don't know for sure what they want to do," Peete said. "My impression, from the preliminary talks we've had, is that they're leaning toward drafting one [quarterback]. I don't know if that means they want to trade up, or wait until ninth to see who falls."

The Panthers are still looking for that quarterback of the future.  Peete thinks that bringing in a rookie quarterback could benefit Carolina and fill that "future quarterback" status.

"My opinion, and it could be my wishful thinking, is that they get a young guy [at quarterback]," he said. "Not necessarily a guy who would start all year, but possibly somebody to groom to be the future of the team."

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