A.P.'s Camp Blog: 8-2

Carolina's quarterbacks are beginning to develop some chemistry with the young receivers, but which signal-callers are locking on to which wide-outs? And which veteran was a "hit" with the cameras? These answers and more inside Arsenio Parks' new training camp report.

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Filling Out the Ranks

Steve Smith's broken arm is still on the mend, but his hands remain in great form. He was out Monday before practice just tossing the ball around, but still had some of the day's more impressive catches.

OL Duke Robinson (conditioning) and DL Louis Leonard (ankle) were removed from the PUP list and joined their teammates on the practice field for the first time. They will fight for starting roles at right guard and defensive tackle, respectively.

WR Brandon LaFell, who bruised his leg Sunday when he ran into CB Chris Gamble, also returned to the practice field.

Target Practice

The quarterbacks have a drill in which they must get the ball over a net that stands at least 10 feet. Accuracy is determined by how close the ball is to the top of the net. The fans watched closely and cheered on the participants, which made the drill more competitive for the quarterbacks. There were a number of nicely placed balls, but Tony Pike was the victor as one of his passes skimmed the top while still reaching the designated target.

PK John Kasay has been with the Panthers from the very beginning and is a proven veteran. His field goal attempts were all on target. Kasay created his own challenge, aiming for the camera stanchion behind the goal posts. He nailed a few through its openings.

Chemistry Experiment

The timing between the quarterbacks and receivers has dramatically improved since camp opened. Hunter Cantwell hooked up with David Gettis, a receiver with speed to burn, as he beat C.J. Wilson on a go-route for a score.

Tony Pike lobbed one up for Wallace Wright, who has been consistent throughout camp, resulting in a spectacular leaping catch over rookie R.J. Stanford.

Jimmy Clausen and Armanti Edwards are beginning to mesh well. The fans were excited to see the two work with each other, especially when Clausen rifled a pass to Edwards, who was being hounded by the defender but simply plucked the ball out of the air. The two linked up later with a completion over the middle as Edwards beat his defender with an impressive route.

The Moores, Matt and Kenny, also complemented each other well in Monday's practice. Both have really begun to separate themselves from others in their position groups. Matt already is expected to be the starting quarterback entering the regular season, while Kenny is making his case for the No. 2 receiver spot.

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Arsenio Parks is a fullback and English major at Wofford College. He began playing football at 7 years old and went on to garner All Conference, All Region and All State recognitions during his career at Shelby HS. He also lettered in track and field.

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