Camp Q&A: WR Oliver Young

When people talk of Carolina's young receivers, the conversation goes beyond the three members of the 2010 draft class. Local boy Oliver Young is also in the mix. In this interview, the all-time leading receiver in South Carolina State history talks about picking the Panthers and making the most of his opportunity.

Oliver Young (6-foot-2, 197 lbs.) was a two-year starter at South Carolina State, where he finished his four-year career as the school's all-time leader in receptions (134) and receiving yards (2,149). He can also return kicks, having averaged 24.9 yards per kickoff return and 12.0 yards on punts.

LaShana Marshburn: Why did you choose to sign with the Carolina Panthers?

Oliver Young: It was basically just talking with my agent and really looking at where I could go and where I could possibly make the ball club. The Panthers are an organization in real big need of receivers, so I thought it would be the best move. Also, Carolina is not that far from home, so I'm comfortable here. Those are the big things that made me sign.

LM: Where you ever tempted to sign anywhere else?

OY: I had a good number of teams reaching out to me, but the Panthers were always the best fit. Me and my agent knew it was the best move for me so we just went with that.

LM: How well did the program at South Carolina State prepare you for the NFL?

OY: Very well. It was all about the coaches being able to bring a group of players together and build a good program. Those coaches got me ready by giving us tips on what to do and how to perform.

LM: Have you been getting any more advice like that from the players in your new locker room?

OY: All the vets here have been stepping in as our second coaches, especially with the younger guys trying to learn things as fast as possible. They want to make sure that if a vet goes down, there won't be a dropoff because the younger guys don't know what to do. So the vets step in and coach and help us learn the system.

LM: Now that you've had some time to compare yourself with these established players, where must you improve in order to compete with them?

OY: I have to do everything I can to make myself a better player if I want to compete with these guys. In order for me to be successful against players that are bigger, more talented or however you want to put it, I have to improve all aspects of my game.

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