A.M.'s Camp Blog: 8-11

The Carolina Panthers made their last appearance on Wednesday morning before they head to Baltimore for their first preseason game. The practice was brief and light but left plenty of questions to ponder prior to Thursday night.

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Mackenzy Bernadeau created several major holes for DeAngelo Williams to burst through during the first scrimmage.

David Gettis made a nice grab on a ball thrown by Tony Pike; he stretched out of bounds and pulled the ball in while keeping his toes behind the line.

Brandon LaFell is also being used in the backfield on reverse plays and is very quick to cut up field.

Jimmy Clausen was accurate all morning and hooked up with Armanti Edwards on a nice 15-yard post route.


C.J. Wilson was the top defensive performer again, as he picked off Tony Pike twice during the scrimmage.

Greg Hardy was called out several times by coaches for his ability to break through the line and get to the quarterback.


--"When you see the ball in the air, get down the field and find your guy!" – Special teams coach Jeff Rodgers to R.J. Stanford during kickoff drills.

--"It'll be good to go pretty soon." – OT Jeff Otah on the condition of his knee.

Cat Quicks

--DeAngelo Williams is the most vocal and outspoken player at camp, especially during morning stretches. While most players were silent or deep in thought, Williams was yelling, smiling and getting his teammates fired up.

--Speaking of outspoken, Jeff Rodgers can often be heard throughout camp. He's loud, animated and doesn't hesitate to light up a player who's done something wrong.

--Since it was such a light practice, injured players spent time on the sidelines observing the action. Steve Smith was in a jersey Wednesday and spent some time playing catch with Trent Guy.

--Everette Brown, Tyler Brayton, Charles Johnson, Hilee Taylor and Nick Hayden all proved big men can do the "jump and turn" too, as they convened afterward to celebrate a good practice.

--Jimmy Clausen got first dibs on reps with the second team before Hunter Cantwell, but both split time evenly as there is still no clear No. 2 quarterback.

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Alex Montgomery is a graduate of Western Carolina University with a degree in Professional Writing. He has worked for the Western Carolinian and The Kernersville News and currently resides in Kernersville, NC.

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