Brady Back To Work After Accident

Patriots QB Tom Brady walked away from a car accident Thursday morning and was out at the team's practice that afternoon. Talk about being able to take a hit. Accident notwithstanding, Brady needs all his faculties in working order when the Bengals show up this weekend.

After the early-morning hoopla surrounding Tom Brady's car crash finally dissipated, the New England Patriots got back to business Thursday as they put the finishing touches on their game plan for Sunday's season opener against the Bengals.

Brady gave all of New England a major scare Thursday morning when a car running a red light slammed into his Audi, causing a media firestorm that led to widespread speculation before the lunchtime hour.

Turns out Brady was fine; he practiced Thursday and showed no ill effects from the crash. Luckily for coach Bill Belichick, he did not have a scheduled press conference with the media, therefore he didn't have to answer any questions about Brady's fender-bender.

With the hysterics out of the way, Belichick and his staff can focus on the Bengals' offense, which will feature a new look Sunday with wide receiver Terrell Owens and rookie tight end Jermaine Gresham on board. How much they differ from last year's run-first attack remains to be seen.

"I think they are a balanced offense," Belichick said. "I don't think you can go into this game saying, 'Well, we're just going to stop this one guy' or 'We're just going to stop this one thing.' They can attack you on a lot of different fronts and their receivers are playmakers. Their tight end is a playmaker. Their backs are playmakers. Their quarterback (is a playmaker).

"They do a lot of formations, they give you a lot of different looks and they have a lot of good players to do it with. They've got four real good receivers that play, two backs. They keep them coming. They have a lot of good players. They are well-coached and have a good quarterback, and an experienced offensive line. Not a lot of weak points on this offense."

The center of that attack is still quarterback Carson Palmer, who is much wiser and more versatile than he was in the past and is now armed with more weapons, among them longtime teammate Chad Ochocinco.

"I think he's got a good group of receivers and tight ends and backs and he's got good skill players," Belichick said of Palmer.

"I think he makes all the throws you want him to make -- the deep balls. He's very good on the outside routes, comebacks, corner patterns, things like that. Uses his flare control well. He gets the ball to the backs. Uses the inside part of the passing game: in-cuts and seam routes and things like that. I think he can do it all."

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