Behind Enemy Lines: New York Jets

The's Kristian R. Dyer stops by to answer a half dozen burning questions about the Jets, from the impact of injuries on the roster to whether Rex Ryan has the ability to eat humble pie. Part 2 of this series.

1) Hard Knocks – was it a good thing for the Jets or should some of the players (coaches) been sequestered at a safe house until the NFL Films crew and HBO left?

Kristian R. Dyer: I think anytime you take something away from the game of football and put the focus elsewhere, you have a distraction. That would be the case with a show like Hard Knocks. It's a great recruitment tool for the team in terms of pulling in free agents and it certainly is a marketing bonanza, but it isn't something you need when you're talking Super Bowl all off-season.

2) Rex Ryan – Does he have any pallet for humble pie, or is Rex going to be Rex?

Dyer: Rex will never win a humility contest and while he makes and acknowledges that he is a humble person, you can tell that he loves to swagger and for lack of a better term, "jaw." The Jets though, feed off of it, especially coming off the Eric Mangini years where personalities were stifled and conformity and uniformity was key.

The team likes Rex, because his statements show that he has confidence in the team. It's important to note that it is, by and large, Rex making the statements and not the team. The players stick the course and say all the right things to the media, but it is Rex who is saying this is a Super Bowl team and instilling that bravado. That is a message not just to the fans and the media, but to his own players too.

3) Injuries, Are they a big issue for the Jets, and if the starter(s) can't go, are the backups a liability? (Revis, Jenkins, Pace)

Dyer: The loss of Kris Jenkins during the defense's second series of Monday night was and is a huge loss. Jenkins was more than a space-eater, he's a guy who could wreak havoc in the backfield. Last year, the Jets replaced Jenkins with Sione Pouha and Howard Green, which is the formula this year after the team signed Green to a free agent contract this past week. Neither player is as dominant as Jenkins, but can be very solid in the 3-4 scheme.

Calvin Pace is a tough loss as he's a linebacker who can really get after the quarterback and get in the backfield quickly. It will be a combination of former Dolphins' player Jason Taylor and the much maligned Vernon Gholston taking those snaps and both will do well enough there.

On Thursday, news leaked out that Darrelle Revis tweaked his hamstring. Revis should be play, Rex Ryan said as much, but he might have more of a gimp than usual. Perhaps it is his heftier wallet that caused the leg injury, who knows.

4) There's a term that the hype machine is trying to promote called Revis Island. Many teams have no idea what you're talking about until ESPN picks it up. ESPN is fond of the term Revis Island. Do you think that paints a target on Darrelle Revis fairly or unfairly? And Do you think that played into his thinking during that extended holdout?

Dyer: Revis Island, what to make of the name and the player? There is no cornerback in the league right now who is as good as #24 for the Jets. He's a physical player with all the right attributes and he's mentally disciplined and focused. When he's on a receiver, that offensive target is on an island and can't even send notes in a bottle. I hope that receiver has Wilson (the volleyball, not Jets cornerback Kyle Wilson), to keep him company.

Just look at the numbers for Randy Moss last year – in two games against the Jets last year he totaled just nine catches for under 60 yards. His yards per catch was half of his regular per catch average. That's a healthy shutdown cornerback right there.

5) What area of the Jets should the Patriots exploit if they can, and why?

Dyer: Sanchez. The quarterback still doesn't do well under pressure and freezes when he faces an outside blitz. If the Pats can make him dance around in the pocket, it can forced him into mistakes.

6) What is the Jets strength, and do you think they'll be able to rely on that to help them win on Sunday? (Or will Pats have an answer?)

Dyer: The one area where the Jets can excel is defensively against New England and forcing Tom Brady to throw into a pretty good secondary. The Jets defense made Brady uneasy last September and he looked rattled for the first time since he was at Michigan. The Jets should be able to stuff the run, and if they can make it difficult for Brady to check down, then they can stay in the game. The defense will have to carry the team, because this New York offense sure won't.

Dyer: New England just has too many options on offense and has the comfort of forcing the Jets to make plays against them when Sanchez and the offense have the ball. This won't be a close game, but New England should control every aspect of the game.

Patriots 21 - Jets 10

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