T.O. Knows Revis "Got Mossed"

When Randy Moss stretched out his arm to snag a pass in the endzone with one hand, even the announcers were impressed. Terrell Owens couldn't help himself, he had to let everyone know that Darrell Revis just got "Mossed."

Terrell Owens is no stranger to controversy. He's also no stranger to making public comments, whether they're about his own teammates or the opposition. On Sunday, Owens' Bengals downed the Baltimore Ravens. Shortly after the game, Owens was busy looking ahead at future opponents, obviously watching the Patriots in their 4:15 game against the Jets.

In typical Owens fashion, the controversial 36 year old posted a note on Twitter, deriding another player. A Jets player.

"I see the "revis island" gettin exposed! Now his hammy is hurting!!" Owens wrote about Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis

It seems Owens was watching the Patriots game to get a look at "the other 81," (Randy Moss) and company. Owens was referring to the second quarter play when Moss took off on an inside go route, beating Revis off the line. Moss had two steps on Revis by the time they reached the end zone when, the Patriots receiver – like so many other times in practice – stuck out one hand to snatch the ball out of the air for a one-handed touchdown. (Images of the catch)

Owens couldn't help but echo what many who saw Moss' catch were saying. "Did u see that catch?!! Wow! Nice 1-hander!"

As Moss celebrated with his teammates, the CBS broadcast crew showed his amazing feat on replay. Instead of talking about Moss' ability to snatch the ball out of the air with one hand, or how Moss beat Revis off the line, Phil Simms focused on what happened to Revis on the play. "It looks like he hurt his hamstring again," Sims said. "Watch how quick Revis goes to the hamstring after thecatch, Watch this," Jim Nance said about Revis reaching for his leg. The CBS' crew showed replays of Revis grabbing his lower leg after Moss' catch for the score.

"Tht's rite commentators make excuses 4 him!" Owens wrote.

Owens has had his run-in commentators before. He' seven had them with the Patriots. There's the now-famous "Get-cha popcorn ready," comment from the Cowboys locker room from 2007. Owens left a note by his locker that week telling fans that he wouldn't be available to talk due to the volume of questions for No. 81 and the other 81, but to getcha popcorn ready because he was going to put on a show.

The play, for Moss, wasn't something to celebrate as much as he felt down after the loss. "I don't know. I really don't have anything to say. It was just making a play," Moss said of his catch.

For those so say Moss is selfish, self-absorbed and not a team player, perhaps his postgame comments about Revis will shed some light on what "the other 81" thinks.

"Revis is a good player. I'm not taking anything from him. [Antonio] Cromartie is a good player. I'm not taking anything from him," Moss said of the coverage he received during the game. "This team is well coached. A little cocky and arrogant some times (but) you really have to commend the team. they come in and talk the talk and walk the walk."

For Owens – the original 81 as he refers to himself – there's the matchup with Revis and the Jets on November 25th. He's obviously looking forward to the matchup. Owens responded to a fan who wrote: "dont qet too excited he has a hurt hamstrinq we already know what would happen with a healthy revis" http://twitter.com/chaddy2smoove/status/24986268744

"I'm not, I hope he's healthy whn we play!! He cn sit out til thanxgiving like he did training so he cn b ready!!" Owens wrote.

For Moss, he'll get another chance at a healthy Revis in Week 13 when the Jets travel to Foxborough on December 6th for the rematch. For now the Patriots are 1-1 with another division game coming next weekend, when the Patriots return to Gillette Stadium to play the 0-2 Buffalo Bills.

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